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 Best Second Acts
Author: erikalbany 
Date:   01-23-12 19:52

I thought about this while listening to the Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach" at the gym today. . .

Paul Weller (best second AND third acts)
Dave Grohl
Damon Albarn
John Lydon

There are likely others. . .

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: hoip chiggs 
Date:   01-23-12 19:57

Mick Jones, Big Audio Dynamite - for a while, though.
Bob Mould, Sugar - for quite a while.
Peter Hook, New Order - still going strong.

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: breno 
Date:   01-23-12 20:02

Technically Blondie was Debbie Harry's second act.

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: erikalbany 
Date:   01-23-12 20:17

I totally forgot New Order. The ultimate 2nd act.

(Though the Other Two, Monaco, Bad Lieutenant, and even Electronic are mediocre third acts, IMO.)

I suppose the commercially successful Fleetwood Mac is also a second act, after a fashion.

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: Aitch 
Date:   01-23-12 20:59

Crowded House (Split Enz)
The Godfathers (SPE)
Beautiful South & Fatboy Slim (The Housemartins)
Beasts of Bourbon (take your pick)
Salamander Jim (take your pick)
King Snake Roost (Grong Grong)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: dj45rpm 
Date:   01-23-12 21:49

El Vez (Zeroes)
Magazine (Buzzcocks; we won't go into Luxuria)
Coil (Throbbing Gristle; PTV and Chris & Cosey started off okay but ended up stumbling later on)
Dome (Wire)
Off! (Circle Jerks)
Jesu (Godflesh)

You could probably also mention:
Rank & File, Blackbird (Dils)
firehose (Minutemen)
and if we go by "24 Hour Party People", Factory Records (act I: Joy Division years; act II: Hacienda years)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: totaji 
Date:   01-23-12 22:21

Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Paul Westerberg, Lou Reed, John Cale, Billy Idol (maybe I don't "get" this category.)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: dj45rpm 
Date:   01-24-12 00:01

Fugazi (Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Teen Idles)
Henry Rollins (from SOA to Black Flag to solo)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: Paganizer 
Date:   01-24-12 03:19

Beady Eye
Loud Family
Built to Spill
Bad Seeds
Shreikback (Oil & Gold)
Freeheat (1 good EP)
High Flying Birds
Wild Flag
YLT (for McNew)
Mercury Rev
Sonic Youth (for Shelley)
Radar Bros

Does solo career count?
Curt Kirkwood
Chris Knox
Mitch Easter
Frank Black
David Kilgour
Chris Mars
Jay Reatard

How bout for supergroups?
Carbon Silicon
New Pornographers

Doesn't Jerry Harrison have another Casual Gods in him? Considering the talent that was T Heads, I only cherish two albums from the post-collective.

Post Edited (01-24-12 03:58)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: zoo 
Date:   01-24-12 08:12

Ultravox (as a group after Foxx left, and for Midge Ure as a second act for himself within the group)

And conversely...

John Foxx as a solo artist, who one could argue is now enjoying his third act

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: breno 
Date:   01-24-12 08:30

Actually, Ultravox was the third act for Ure, following Slik and the Rich Kids.

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: wade 
Date:   01-24-12 14:50

TV Smith (Adverts; took a few years, but he finally nailed it in '92 & he's been on a roll ever since)

Ed Kuepper (Saints; from approx. '88 to '94 the guy could do no wrong)

Edwyn Collins (OJ; not even two brain hemorrhages can stop him)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: Jermoe 
Date:   01-24-12 15:12

Big Country (Stuart Adamson, The Skids)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik (Tony James, Generation X)...maybe not?

Electronic, Modest Mouse (Johnny Marr, The Smiths)

Stranger Than Paradise, Do the Right Thing (Richard Edson, Sonic Youth)

The ultimate Second Act band? Jellyfish! Check it out:
Jason Falkner (The Three O'Clock)
Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer (Beatnik Beach)
Eric Dover (The Extras)
Falkner, Manning, Sturmer and/or Dover have since gone on to Imperial Drag, L.E.O. (which is a whole 'nother supergroup/second act for a ton of folks including Mike Viola and the Hanson kids, but I digress), Slash's Snakepit (!), Umajets, The Grays, TV Eyes (which also includes Brian Reitzell of Redd Kross) , The Moog Cookbook and at least 10 more bands/projects apiece...and the late Tom Wolk (Hall & Oates, among many) and Jon Brion (The Bats [US], latter-era 'Til Tuesday) were also heavily involved with Jellyfish.

Post Edited (01-24-12 15:13)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: dj45rpm 
Date:   01-25-12 00:36

Revillos, Human League (for Jo Callis at least) (Rezillos)
Heaven 17, BEF (Human League)
Human League, Clock DVA (The Future)

There's a Pete Frame-style Family Tree in there somewhere....

Heartbreakers, Buster Poindexter (New York Dolls) Okay, maybe 'best' isn't the best way to describe the BP persona.....
Richard Hell & The Voidoids (Television, Dirt)
Lords of the New Church (Dead Boys, Damned, Sham 69, Barracudas)
Echo & The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, Mighty Wah! (Crucial Three)

And for solo acts there's also Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire) and Brian Eno (Roxy Music)

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   01-25-12 10:36

The Jesus Lizard

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 Re: Best Second Acts
Author: willie 
Date:   01-30-12 17:02

Let's ignore Lemmy's pre-Hawkwind work or just agree that as a "next act," Motorhead is pretty hard to beat.

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