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After a decade in print (1974-’84), Trouser Press magazine went online in 1997. In 2002, the contents of five Trouser Press Record Guides formed the basis of a new site, which relaunched in 2020 as a music portal with features, reviews, interviews, the indexed Trouser Press archive, a fascinating forum board and loads more. We recently started Trouser Press Books.

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  • Slade Autodiscography With Drummer Don Powell
    Slade drummer Don Powell shares his personal memories of the band’s many LPs in this exclusive Trouser Press interview.
  • Trouser Press: The Origin Story
    The first issue of Trouser Press magazine appeared on the streets of Manhattan on March 9, 1974. This is the story of how that came to happen.
  • Gerald V. Casale: Devo’s Invisible Man Returns
    Devo has devolved from an active band into Jerry Casale, who would like to continue Devo’s musical legacy, and the Mothersbaugh brothers, who appear happy to let it be. An interview with the band’s visionary bassist.
  • Souvenir From a Dream: Memories of Tom Verlaine
    In late 1975, two Trouser Press writers brought Tom Verlaine of the then-unsigned band Television up to their apartment for an interview. This hour-long conversation has never previously been published. Here, it is accompanied by an introductory essay by the novelist Bruce Bauman as well as audio clips from their conversation.
  • Reading About Writing
    Paul Gorman’s chronicle of the music press augments his 2001 oral history but again does not bring the story into the 21st Century.
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