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More than a decade after the magazine ended its ten-year run, Trouser Press went online in 1997. In 2002, we consolidated the contents of five Trouser Press Record Guides on a new site, now an ongoing music journal with reviews, articles, a complete Trouser Press magazine archive, photo gallery, videos and a forum for sharing your thoughts.

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  • Dave Robinson, Part II: Stiff, Island, Horses and Now
    In the second part of our interview, Dave Robinson shares Stiff stories — how it began, how it ended — and why he’s excited about prison.
  • From Butlin’s to Brinsleys: The Life and Times of Stiff Records Co-Founder Dave Robinson (Part 1)
    An in-depth interview with the Irish impresario about his encounters with the Beatles, Van Morrison; Ireland’s first psychedelic band (or one of them) and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
  • Psyched-Out Down Under
    What hath Tame Impala wrought? A deep dive into the soft weird underbelly of current Australian neo-psychedelia, from King Gizzard and Hiatus Kaiyote to Rolling Blackouts and Tropical Fuck Storm.
  • Never-Before-Seen June 1974 Concert Footage of the Who
    Shot by Barbara Wolf on Super 8 from an orchestra seat at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Don’t know which one of the four shows it was. These three reels have been sitting in a box in a series of closets for 48 years, and I just thought to have…
  • Nell Davies: Happy Birthday
    Nell Davies is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from rural Cornwall. Already in her 40s, she started making music in late 2020 after reading Viv Albertine’s memoir inspired her to buy a guitar and begin writing songs. She records in a converted pigsty and produces herself. “Happy Birthday” is her fourth single.
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