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More than a decade after the magazine ended its ten-year run, Trouser Press went online in 1997. In 2002, we consolidated the contents of five Trouser Press Record Guides on a new site, now an ongoing music journal with reviews, articles, a complete Trouser Press magazine archive, photo gallery, videos and a forum for sharing your thoughts.

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  • Creedence Clearwater: Revived
    A new documentary turns a much-needed spotlight on a band whose many hits are suffused deep and wide into the soil of American music, but one that has long been taken for granted, underrated even. Ironically, the bludgeoning familiarity of John Fogerty’s Creedence songbook has had, with time, the effect of obscuring the diversity and economy of his amazing creative run through the Woodstock era.
  • Pavement ’97
    With Pavement on the road again, here’s a 1997 profile of the band by Ira Robbins.
  • L.A. Blues: Fun House, Miles Davis and the Eve Babitz Effect
    The sway that avant-garde jazz held over the Stooges went beyond sonic influence. John Coltrane’s wild sax playing inspired Iggy’s dancing. “I was at my manager’s flat, and played this record…it was John Coltrane. It scared me at first, and really annoyed me…it took me months to get next to that…I thought, ‘Wow, how could I do that?’ I thought…I can’t play an instrument like that, but maybe I could do it with my body when I sing.”
  • Roger Shepherd and Flying Nun Records
    Founded in 1981 by Roger Shepherd, Flying Nun Records set out to document the rock scene in the New Zealand cities of Dunedin and Christchurch. Starting with the Pin Group’s “Ambivalence” single, the label has survived for more than 40 years, with hundreds of releases to its name.
  • Dave Robinson, Part II: Stiff, Island, Horses and Now
    In the second part of our interview, Dave Robinson shares Stiff stories — how it began, how it ended — and why he’s excited about prison.
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