• Quick
  • Mondo Deco (Mercury) 1976 
  • Alpha/Beta EP (Quick Fan Club) 1978 

After losing his grip on the Runaways, Kim Fowley discovered the Young Republicans, five male Californians (including drummer Danny Benair) he rechristened the Quick. They aspired to be an adolescent version of Sparks, playing melodic, Anglophilic tunes verging on bubblegum (like, but not as good as, Milk ‘n’ Cookies). Guitarist/songwriter Steven Hufsteter was pretty much the man in charge, and his limited talents shunted the Quick into a fairly tight mold; Mondo Deco is now more of an amusing artifact than it seemed at the time.

Alpha/Beta, a 10-inch souvenir of the group’s unsuccessful attempt to court Elektra Records in 1977, came out early the following year through the band’s fan club and showed they could draw on far more power than had previously been indicated. They’re still basically Anglo/effete but, even on a version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the Quick could manage real punch.

[Ira Robbins / Jim Green]

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