Question Men

  • Question Men
  • We Could Be Wrong (Samsa) 1983 

Although bands who name their record label after a Kafka character are immediately suspect, the casual cover photo of We Could Be Wrong rules out any grand pretensions this unique San Francisco quartet (which contains some former Units) might harbor. An uncommon lineup — bass, drums, sax and keyboards — provides a fascinating jazzy rock sound which underscores the songs. The title track, unlike its surroundings, is bouncy, likable and routine; otherwise, an uneasiness derives from the hollow, rhythmically complex arrangements and amelodic sax excursions. A slowly pulsing version of the Beatles’ “Getting Better” pushes the mood a bit more upbeat, but is not likely to be mistaken for the original. Fans of offbeat rock will find the talented and inquisitive Question Men well worth a listen.

[Ira Robbins]