Der Plan

  • Der Plan
  • Normalette Surprise (Optional) 1981 
  • Die Letze Rache (Ger. Ata Tak) 1983 
  • Japlan (Jap. Ata Tak) 1985 
  • Fette Jahre (Ger. Ata Tak) 1986 

The only American release (of several) by this Dusseldorf neu deutsche welle band pairs three bonus songs on one side with a full-length album on the other. Whimsical and dissonant, in spots very much like the Residents, der Plan incorporates toylike instrumental sounds, tape cut-ups, sing-song vocals, TV theme music and Spike Jones sound effects to create a diverting excursion into the weird and wonderful. Must be heard to be believed.

[David Sheridan]