• Depressions
  • The Depressions (UK Barn) 1978 
  • DP's
  • If You Know What I Mean (UK Barn) 1978 

In their first incarnation, this quartet was an awful fake-punk band. To the group’s credit, the playing on their first LP isn’t strictly inept, but the material is utterly detestable (a concept of punk as misogyny so ugly it would offend Mötley Crüe) and the pose so transparent that you have to hate them. Perhaps the embarrassment of this record caused the band’s name change shortly after its release.

Switching from pseudo-punk to pseudo-power pop, the Depressions became the DP’s and made a second record which is not nearly as offensive as their first. They still can’t write a memorable song and the playing never surpasses adequate, but at least nil content is innocuous compared to their earlier cretinous outlook.

[Dave Schulps]