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Re: Bethlehem the bridegroom,

Bethlehem the bridegroom,
November 01, 2004 09:58AM
To celebrate today’s anniversaries of
Parker’s Mystery Train (’53)
Voidoid’s Blank Generation
Nirvana’s first single, Love Buzz

And to celebrate John Peel’s and Greg Shaw’s memories

And to celebrate this year as 25th anniversary—making them eligible for consideration-- of first records by the Fall and the Mekons

I herein propose a cleaning of the house of the rock and roll hall of fame.

10 who should go?

Jackson Browne
Brenda Lee
Del Shannon
Billy Joel
George Harrison as soloist
Ralph Bass
Leo Fender
Alan Freed
Jimmy Yancey

10 who should get in?

Richard Thompson
Pere Ubu/D Thomas
Big Star/Chilton
Gram Parsons
Leonard Cohen

And, of course, JP and GS-- RIP
Re: Bethlehem the bridegroom,
November 01, 2004 08:43PM
I agree with all of the ones you suggest adding. I can't believe R. Thompson isn't already in. 3 that I would like to see taken out:
Billy Joel
Bob Seger
Gene Pitney

I think these people deserve consideration:
Steve Cropper
Dan Penn
Spooner Oldham
Leon Russell
Don Rich
Percy Mayfield
Adrian Belew
Hell & The Voidoids
The B-52's
Tom Dowd
Carole King
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