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Re: Mojo Nixon RIP

Mojo Nixon RIP
February 07, 2024 09:12PM
Reported by Rolling Stone & others.

I am still in shock and near tears. Might be crying later. Way too soon.
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 07, 2024 09:32PM
Def. a shock! Was sad to hear about Wayne Kramer, but he was old (or old-ish). I think of Mojo as being so full of life he can't possibly die. What a fireball he was.

Apart from his solo albums, I also recommend the wild n wooly live one he did with the all-star cast of Country Dick Montana, and Dave Alvin, "The Pleasure Barons."
And his collab with Jello Biafra, "Prairie Home Invasion," might be the best thing either of them ever did, inc "Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables." Did not expect Jello to fit the mold (see what I did there?) of country-spiked music as well as he does here.

I also listened to his SiriusXM show sometimes, but, to my regret, not nearly enough.
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Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 07, 2024 11:57PM
That's elite stuff, Fab.
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 08, 2024 10:56AM
I really never go to shows, but I did see mojo open for the dead milkmen in probably ‘87. Fun show.

He was just what you thought he’d be—bigger than life!
I remember thinking that he was probably always the center of attention in any room he walked into…
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 08, 2024 05:34PM
A damned shame, that.

RIP Mojo.
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 08, 2024 08:12PM
Ohhh man ... I never got to see Mojo, which is entirely my loss. Rest in peace, sir, and thanks.
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 09, 2024 02:00PM
The one time I saw him was at a SXSW showcase, where he played with the Beat Farmers and Dash Rip Rock. He tried to chat up my wife before realizing he was supposed to be onstage.

He was also sick that night - some sort of respiratory thing with enough drainage to make his voice even deeper and craggier than usual. He still threw everything into his performance.
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 09, 2024 02:03PM
I did see Mojo and Skid once, in probably 1987, and they were a ton of fun. You'll be missed, fella.

Speaking of being missed, good to see ol' HollowbodyKay popping up again! Where you been, man?
Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 09, 2024 07:23PM
Where you been, man?

Yonder. smiling smiley
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Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 09, 2024 09:38PM
Had Mojo not existed it might have been necessary to have created him. But I think that Mojos are born, not made. I never got to see Mojo Nixon play, but I never saw Dash Rip Rock without them playing his "All Liquored Up." His MTV bumpers were a pretty metatextual thing. MTV trying to ironically co-opt anti-MTV sentiment. "The dude was way too young to go," says the 60 year old. But I'll bet he packed about two and a half lifetimes into those years.

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Re: Mojo Nixon RIP
February 13, 2024 06:01PM
Deke Dickerson got together with DJ Bonebrake and put out this song. It was so quick that he didn't really do any checking and he put Sam the Sham in heaven even though he's still around!
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