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Trivia of the Day

Trivia of the Day
January 05, 2023 11:14PM
Damon Krukowski's first drum kit in Galaxie 500 was a loaner from Conan O'Brien. They were both freshmen at Harvard, but when Damon and Dean Wareham formed the band, Damon didn't have a drum kit on campus. For some reason, Conan did and loaned it to the band. By the time Conan got it back months later when Damon got his own kit, Conan had lost whatever interest he had in drumming.
Re: Trivia of the Day
January 06, 2023 11:37AM
That's a great story!
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Re: Trivia of the Day
January 06, 2023 05:20PM
An add on question, was there one single cymbal hit on the drum set on that first album? I love me some 500 and Luna. I don't know the answer but if there are some (or one) I don't remember hearing it.
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