WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
September 29, 2020 04:13PM
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
September 29, 2020 11:02PM
0101 Partner - Big Gay Hands
0102 Human Impact - Genetic

0201 PIXIES - Hear Me Out
0202 Kelley Stoltz - The Quiet Ones

0301 Sunflower Bean - Moment In The Sun
0302 The Vaughns - All Weekend

0401 PUP - Rot
0402 Painted Doll - When I Left Home

0501 Magdalena Bay - Woww
0502 JeGong - Sowing Dragons Teeth

0602 Gunn-Truscinski Duo - For Eddie Hazel

0701 Wendy Eisenberg - Centreville
0702 Faye Webster - Better Distractions

0801 TV Priest - Slideshow
0802 Population II - Introspection

0901 Tamar Aphek - Show Me Your Pretty Side
0902 Supercrush - Be Kind To Me

1001 The Nude Party - What's The Deal
1002 Still Corners - The Last Exit

1101 Pom Poko - My Candidacy
1102 EELS - Are We Alright Again

1201 Loma - I Fix My Gaze
1202 trayer tryon - new forever (ft. Julie Byrne)

1301 Moor Mother - Circuit City Act 1: Working Machine

1401 Tune-Yards - nowhere, man
1402 tiger lili - lightning

1501 Sugar World - Time To Kill
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
September 30, 2020 10:24PM
The Gunn-Truscinski Duo - nice! That record is terrific.
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
September 30, 2020 03:31PM
Another great show, 801. Your show, like Delvin's, has become a weekly musical highlight for me.

Now that I'm listening every week, I'm starting to recognize a lot more names (TV Priest, Pom Poko, Loma, JeGong...), but you always seem to dig out someone I've never heard of and who piques my interest. Thank you for performing this public service. This week's discoveries includes Sunflower Bean, Supercrush, Tamar Aphek and Still Corners. Well done.

I like the Eels track, after being left a bit cold by the two sides of the first single you played a few weeks back. I'll have to check out the new album when it comes out.
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Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
September 30, 2020 09:28PM
Thank you for your support and encouragement, Philippe. It’s been a rough 6+ months producing from home, but in the end it’s truly the music that matters and I’m so glad I can share what I’ve found with you and everyone else who’s tuning in.

I need to remember the “public service” angle the next time I check-in with my program director as her primary concern with the show is that it “lacks content”. grinning smiley
Re: WSLR's InTransition: 2020.09.29
October 01, 2020 11:32AM
So, I am a total dumb butt...I read through the list of songs yesterday and thought to myself, I haven't heard of a single one of these artists. And furthermore, those are some interesting band names...Big Gay Hands, For Eddie Hazel, Sowing Dragons Teeth. But then I read Philippe's post today and realized I was reading the song titles as the band names. I only bothered reading what was on the right side of the hyphen. Anyway, issue corrected.
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