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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert

First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 12:34AM
First album I ever bought: Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells a Story (well, okay, my mom actually paid for it, but whatever. I was 8 years old!)

First 8 track: Lene Lovich - Stateless

First CD: The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing (simultaneous purchases)

First Concert: The Cars & the Motels (this isn't counting numerous state & county fair concerts dragged to by my parents, which now I wish I could remember what they were cuz they were most likely Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Johnny Cash, etc.)
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 01:18AM
Album : Boston's first (trying to impress my older brother), 8 Track : All the Young Dudes, CD : "Don't Tell A Soul" (disappointed - thought to myself, these new cd thingies make everything sound so slick!).....Concert: Jeff Beck w/ Jan Hammer. Got taken by my older cousin.

Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 02:22PM
First Album : Full Tilt. This was one of those compilations advertised on TV in 1980. Anyway, I loved Pat Benatar's, Hit Me With Your Best Shot so I bought this compilation which I remember also included Genesis (Misunderstanding) Robbie Dupree (Hot Rod Hearts) and one of those Ambrosia songs.

First 45 : Either Loverboy (Queen Of The Broken Hearts) Peter Schilling (Major Tom) Spandau Ballet (True) or Naked Eyes (Always Something There To Remind Me).

First Concert : Billy Idol with The Cult as opening act. (Ian Astbury's leap into the crowd at the end of The Cult set will forever be implanted in my mind).

First CD : I believe that would be Glen Burtnick's, Heroes And Zeroes.
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 02:27AM
first album - Meet the Beatles in 1964
first 45 - The Loco-motion by Little Eva, 1963 (i think)
first concert - Murray the K show at the Brooklyn Paramount with the Rascals, Mitch Ryder, Dionne Warwick and others either '65 or '66
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 02:42AM
first album - Private Eyes, Hall and Oates -- it was between this and Speak of the Devil by Ozzy Osbourne (he had blood coming out of his mouth, and my mother didn't approve, so it was cool ... but I chose Hall & Oates anyway)

first concert - Foreigner and Joe Walsh (Foreigner was actually pretty good, inflatable giant jukebox and all ...)

I can't recall my first 45, for some reason ...

If you don't count tapes for my 2XL (a plastic robot that asked trivia questions via 8-track tapes), I think my first 8-track purchase was Stevie Wonder's Fulfillingness' First Finale, bought long after the 8-track era ended. A truly horrible format.

First CD ... the first four Beatles CDs, bought at a (now-defunct) Caldor store.

First cassette -- my cousin gave me Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. He didn't like it anymore, for some reason.

First concert I drove to all on my own -- All (Dave Smalley era) at Maxwells. They were excellent.
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 10:32AM
these will be close (had a slightly older and hipper brother so who, when, what gets blurry)

1st lp: Monkees' Pisces at Click's department store
first 45: 5 D One Less Bell at Summit Mall Disc Records
first 8 tk nah, but bro had the first two sabbaths REAL early
first cd: Doolittle and Rubber Soul
i saw a muddy waters cover band (my friend's brother) but Al Green was first concert, Blossom Music Center: he wore a see through white jump suit.

Bless My Grits

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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 12:55PM
First Album: Alice Cooper "KIller" and Stepenwolf "Gold".
First Single: Big Electric Train on one of the Golden Books colored vinyl 45s played the shit outta that on the close and play.
First Cassette: Led Zep III (a gift)
First Concert: Bangladesh at the Garden. My dad had passes! Also my first time smokin weed when dad went to the loo and a fattie made it's way to me.
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 01:04PM
i always think that the LAST time someone took drugs is of greater interest than first time (8th grade in basement of DXXX FXXXXXX) while we watched ghoulardi with his brother and his corrupting friends

10 daze ago: a few tokes of homegrown left by a student in his mediocre paper on Gender and Power in Cinderella

i told him
i use bribes but don't base grades on them
the band cinderfella was better than his paper

Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 04:23PM
was the paper better or worse before the homegrown?

last drug use:
several tokes of something on the house of blues smoking balconey at the NY Dolls concert in October

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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 18, 2006 05:08AM
jus' look @ that response Gene... (olympic sportscast level of enthusiasm)!

Well Bob, it is a great topic.

First 45:
me: Beatles -Ticket to Ride/ Kathleen (my wife): Isaac Hayes- Shaft

First Album:
me: Alfred Hitchcock- Ghost Stories for Young People/Kathleen: Tommy James and the Shondells -Greatest Hits

First Cassette:
me: Elvis Costello- This Years Model/ Kathleen: U2- Boy

First CD:
me: Television Personalities- Closer To God/ Kathleen: Go Betweens - 4track Peel Sessions

First Concert:
me: Patti Smith/KISS -1976 / Kathleen: U2- 1985

Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 03:23PM
First Album - Steve Miller - Book of Dreams
First 45 - Meco - Theme from Star Wars (I used to get chills listening to the beginning of that), Heatwave - Boogie Nights and Paul Nicholas - Heaven on the Seventh Floor - it was a three for $1 deal.
First Cassette - bootleg of Blondie - Autoamerican (I was living in Korea at the time and those stores were everywhere). Legitimate - Blondie - Best of Blondie
First CD - Thomas Dolby - Golden Age of Wireless and Pink Floyd - The Wall - just got a CD player for Xmas in 85, I wanted to get something that I thought would sound really cool. As I remember the total purchase was something like $45!
First Concert - Thomas Dolby - Warner Theater `84. I had taken the subway to the concert and I was real concerned that the show would end after the subway stopped running. So I spent most of the show looking at my watch, saying "Come on, come on!"

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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 03:36PM
First album I bought: Elton John - *Greatest Hits*
First 8-track: Queen - *A Night at the Opera*
First CD: U2 - *The Unforgettable Fire*
First concert: Pink Floyd, The Superdome, 1978

I've bought very few pre-recorded cassettes, so I couldn't tell you which one came first.
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 03:48PM
First album: Queen "Jazz" (Also my first taste of soft porn, via the large poster of a nude bicycle race therein)

First Concert: Husker Du

First 8 track: ELO

First CD: REM Life's Rich Pageant
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 03:48PM
First 45 was either Rod Stewart "You Wear It Well" or Mouth & McNeill "How Do You Do."
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 05:19PM
First Album: December's Children by the Rolling Stones, used copy @ the
Record Exchange here in the Witch City (I just got back from

First 8-Track: None, although my brother did have Arthur by the Kinks among his meagre collection

First cassette: Sleepwalker by the Kinks @ a Jordan Marsh store (which was later bought up by Macy's; the whole world's turning NY!)

First 45: My sister's, which were handed down to me (Beatles, Peter & Gordon, Herman's Hermits)

First CD's: Hard Day's Night & Help by the fabs in 1990

First concert: Devo in 1979 (as stated in a previous post)

Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 05:22PM
Not counting sibling hand-me-downs (mostly Elvis soundtracks but more importantly, a complete Monkees coll.):
1st LP - Magical Mystery Tour

45s - (uncle had a record store so started collecting at the age of 4 but 1st that stands out): I Feel Fine b/w She's a Woman

1st Eight Track: 8 tracks used to be sold everywhere (gas stations) with weird Top 40 compilations on them but there would always be a few non-Top 40 or brit hits. My favorite included Neil Young, Edison Lighthouse, Manfredd Mann, Thunderclap Newman, Ohio Players. Also had various J. Geils and Grand Funk 8 -tracks but the important one:
LED ZEPPELIN - Cookin!. Cookin was one of those bootlegs you get at the gas station/truck stop and it had: Communication Breakdown, Whole Lotta Love (the rare US edited version), Black Dog and other tracks form the 1st four LPs except it did NOT have Stairway. It would be a couple years before I saved up allowance, walked into Woolworth's and discovered the REAL Zep LPs (of which I bought one each).

1st CDS (bought together) - London Calling (an inferior 1st issue); Grateful Dead - Without a Net (one of the best sounding CDs of its day).

1st (big) rock concert - Black Sabbath (original band). But the next was when a cousin took me to The Knack. The Knack seemed so cool at the time: like something was happening in our culture. Tthe only thing that stood out with the oz-man were a crowd of bible-thumpers outside who were trying to talk kids into going with them instead of going inside. 'Satan will be inside tonight!'. Cool! (he wasn't)

Much more amusing - family and sibling s.o.'s knew I was glued to the stereo so the gift LPs were funny:
Wings over America
Rod Stewart - do ya think i'm sexy
Styx - Grand Illusion
Steve Miller
and another I refuse to type who initials are B.S.
hated all of these because it was post-Pistols

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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 08:08PM
1st cassette - The Who: Face Dances

1st 45 - The Knack: My Sharona

1st album - English Beat: What is Beat

1st concert - The Ramones, 1980

1st CD - Screaming Trees: Uncle Anesthesia
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 16, 2006 09:23PM
First 45: Glen Campbell- Rhinestone Cowboy

First 8-Track: My folks had Simon and Garfunkels Greatest Hits, it was a family favorite

First 8-Track I bought: Cheap Trick In Color

First LP: Beatles 1962-66 (although honestly it could have been, gulp, Barbara Streisand's Greatest Hits Vol. 2- ouch!)

First Concert: Van Halen (1981 baby!)

First CD: Soundgarden- Louder Than Love

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Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 17, 2006 07:19AM
I was damn lucky, inmo,

My dad passed on to me, Four tops hits, Bee Gees (60's) hits, gene pitney 16 big ones, Shut Down ii comp (beach boys, robert mitchum, Black denim trousers and motorcycle boots)

Mom- carole King tapestry.

Dj across the street. 45's of Jefferson airplane, ricky nelson, sufari's, neil diamond, elvis, james gang, etc,

first purchase with my own money - Who's next and Bad company straight shooter used.

Best thing ever. transistor radio when I was about 4, doo wop, dr. demento, beatles weekends, soul, top 40 , country, everything. radio was better than the internet in the 70's.

I bought imports of Village Green, rocket to russia, who's missing, etc for bargain prices at Target as an early and pre-teen. As long as it didn't say satan on the cover, and I used my own money, I could have it.

I found a great comparision to The Who's first album, and Generations X's first album under the influence of clorethane and/or rubber cement.

Last time I got high I was most likely watch a Takeshi Mikai movie, and it was probably a bad idea

james K

Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 18, 2006 04:15AM
First album
Mi Sex - Graffitti Crimes

First cassette
Radio Birdman - Living Eyes

First CD
The Lighthouse Keepers - Lipsnipegroin

First concert
The B52s (1979)
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
February 18, 2006 05:28AM
1st album Ray Charles Greatest Hits ABC-415 still have it.
1st album bought with my own money- Deep Purple Machine Head
1st concert Buffalo Springfield/Iron Butterfly San Berdoo 67 or 8
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
March 08, 2006 11:26PM

1st cassette - The Who's Next

1st 45 - Big Shot - Billy Joel

1st album - Heavy Metal: Music From The Motion Picture

1st concert - The Stones - 1981

1st CD - P.I.L. - Compact Disc (really no kidding)
Re: First album/8 track (or cassette)/CD/Concert
March 12, 2006 07:24PM
first album: Meet The Beatles
first tape: ROCK... a bad CBS special products tape
first CD: New York Dolls-first album
first concert: Clash, 1979, Cambridge, MA
first 45: Beatles-Hard Day's Night

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