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Martin Newell Appeal

Martin Newell Appeal
August 20, 2012 01:40PM
This was originally posted on Martin Newell's message board the Karma Scene by Martin & I'm posting it here on the off chance that a TPer or lurker may have this item in question:

"Hello music lovers
I need to borrow a good cassette copy of In The Golden Autumn. (August 1983)
This is because I need to digitise it to Wav Files for a forthcoming re-release.
The actual master tape went missing about twenty years ago..and all I have a MP3s and CDs made from MP3s
But I know there are some reasonable first generation cassette copies out there .......

Finally: How d'you know that it's a first gen copy.
1) It will be in a hand coloured thin paper cover, with the little girl depicted in a cornfield.
It's probably on a plain blasck casette with no on-body printing.
There may be either FRAU 006 or a simply, 006 written in white chinograph pencil on one side of the tape.#
If I find one in the meantime, I'll post straight up and call off the search.
Anybody out there? "

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