Toast? (the song...)
May 08, 2004 12:28PM
Hey! I was in Phoenix in the 80's. Anyone else same? The Nervous? The Hoods? Anyway... there was a great AM station there for a couple years called K15 (I think) and they played all kinds of punk, etc. There was a song they played by some English band; the song was "Toast". It was just sort of low-key talk-rhyming and the solo was just somebody scraping some toast, really a stitch. Anyone know who the band was and/or where I can get that record? thanx.....
Re: Toast? (the song...)
May 08, 2004 09:08PM
"Toast" was a 1978 single by Streetband (featuring Paul Young....)

You can download an MP3 of it here:


Or buy it here:


Re: Toast? (the song...)
July 06, 2004 05:43PM
Yeah, thanks! Wow. I never thought I'd hear that tune again. Cheers,
Re: Toast? (the song...)
July 01, 2004 02:49PM
Hey this is great!

I too heard this song years ago and could never find anyone else who seemed to have either! Thank you wilson! Maybe you also know the answer to the song question I posted a while back: A Mancunian Indie/Alternative rock band had a minor hit (local to Manchester) with a track in the late 80's, early 90's with the refrain, "Are you coming down the chippy, are you right or what?!"
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