Voice of the Beehive

  • Voice of the Beehive
  • Just a City EP (UK Food) 1987 
  • I Say Nothing EP (UK London) 1987 + 1988 
  • Let It Bee (London) 1988 
  • Honey Lingers (London) 1991 
  • Sex & Misery (Discovery) 1996 

Built around singing American sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke, the originally London-based Voice of the Beehive is a delightful clash of California girl-bop and English buzz-pop. With the exception of two tracks, the material on the two EPs is repeated on the band’s first album. Throughout Let It Bee, principal songwriter Bryn throws together catchy guitar tunes that are at once ditzy, raunchy and ironic. She’s shameless enough to add a misogynist twist to the “Beat of Love” (“There are all kinds of ways to get banged”), but she’s also willing to show some vulnerability (“Sorrow Floats”). In the Beehive’s lexicon of love, girls are bitches, boys are cruel and everyone’s a fool: “Trust Me” is, in fact, a warning. Bryn’s fascination seems to be the flipside of good times — life isn’t a party, it’s the slightly drunk and miserable walk home alone afterwards.

In the mid-’90s, having made two additional albums, the sisters moved back to Los Angeles, and the band split up shortly thereafter.

[Karen Schoemer]