Velvet Elvis

  • Velvet Elvis
  • Fun and Trouble EP (Hit a Note) 1985 
  • What in the World... (Hit a Note) 1986 
  • Velvet Elvis (Enigma) 1988 

Following a four-song 12-inch and a self-released longplayer, Mitch Easter produced a confident-sounding 1988 album for this Lexington, Kentucky quartet, corralling their pleasing harmonies (all four sing) and crisp, accomplished musicianship into extremely attractive country-edged pop-rock (that thankfully never resembles R.E.M.). The mix of drummer Sherri McGee’s tangy harmonies and the Petty/Dylan-influenced lead vocals by Dan Trisko and Scott Stoess provides some of the best moments on Velvet Elvis; elsewhere, subtle guitar/keyboard interplay laces the record with sparkle and character.

[Ira Robbins]