Tim Scott

  • Tim Scott
  • Swear EP (Sire) 1983 
  • The High Lonesome Sound (Geffen) 1987 

Ex-Rockat guitarist Scott pounds out some of the dumbest dance-rock ever on the five-song Swear, produced by Richard Gottehrer. Joined by ex-Holly and the Italians bassist Mark Sidgwick and future Beat Rodeo drummer Lewis King (with one guest vocal by Jane Wiedlin), Scott’s inadequacy as a singer and writer are made abundantly clear on the moronic title song and “Good as Gold”; elsewhere, he’s just a bland and forgettable rocker.

So much for stylistic consistency: The High Lonesome Sound is unconvincing predigested commercial country and cowpunk. Mitchell Froom produced and played the keyboards; Elvis Presley sideman Jerry Scheff is the bassist; David Hidalgo of Los Lobos adds accordion and backup vocals; the redoubtable James Burton even takes a nice dobro solo on “Release.” Give Scott points for improved vocals and bland inoffensiveness, but that’s about all.

[Ira Robbins]

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