Throw Me the Statue

  • Throw Me the Statue
  • Moonbeams (Secretly Canadian) 2008 

Throw Me the Statue is the one-man-band name of Seattle’s Scott Reitherman, who makes sweet, slightly goofy lo-fi pop taking the archetype of Guided by Voices and replacing the irony with tweeness. Moonbeams is outstanding. Assisted by Pedro the Lion bassist/percussionist Casey Foubert, Reitherman finds a middle ground between Bob Pollard and Belle and Sebastian. Moonbeams is full of other touchstones as well, namely the Kinks (on the addictive “Lolita”) and the Cars (“A Mutinous Dream”), yet it’s more than just a collection of influences. “This Is How We Kiss” is straight-ahead power pop, with frenetic energy and lots of “ooh-oohs,” while “Written in Heart Signs, Faintly” shows Reitherman’s folky side. “It summed up the anxious way I am,” he sings on the latter; Moonbeams is nothing if not heartfelt. The centerpiece is the stunning “About to Walk,” where Reitherman unburdens himself of influences to create a shimmering fever dream of his most intimate thoughts.

[Jason Reeher]