The John Paul Jones

  • The John Paul Jones
  • Reach Out to X (The Sea Isle) 2002 
  • Takka Takka
  • We Feel Safer at Night (Ernest Jenning) 2007 
  • Migration (Ernest Jenning) 2008 
  • A.M. Landscapes (Ernest Jenning) 2012 
  • Gabe Levine
  • Long Spun Thread (self-released) 2010 

It takes bottle to dub your band the name of a famous musician plus an article, especially when there is no audible connection to him. Unless the reference is to the American Revolutionary War naval commander, not the Englishman born John Baldwin. Regardless, the Brooklyn band led by Gabe Levine (later of the better-known Takka Takka) is far more modern, a light, slight, bright exemplar of early 21st century indie rock: acoustic guitars, unobtrusive production, offhand charm and emo reflection (“The Jail Door Was Me,” “Mr. Questions,” “Stop This Feeling.”

[Ira Robbins]