• Suits
  • Ties That Bind (Viceroy) 1995 

“Love is blind and love is cold/Love is hot, love can be cold.” That pretty much sums up the level of ambition and originality aspired to by this lame New York club band whose seven-piece lineup includes saxophone, harmonica, music attorney Ron Bienstock (ex-Another Pretty Face) and real estate tycoon Jay Weiss (ex-Milk ‘n’ Cookies), with guest appearances by his wife, actress Kathleen Turner. “I’m too young to get old/People tell me I’m cold.” Matching the pedestrian lyrics with sub-Southside Johnny ’70s soul-rock, the Suits seem to have beamed in from an era when it was wild to get “a six-pack for the road” and stylish to call a woman “my lady.”

[Terry Rompers]