• Splodgenessabounds
  • Splodgenessabounds (UK Deram) 1981 
  • In Search of Seven Golden Gussets (UK Razor) 1982 
  • Live and Loud!! (UK Link) 1988 

Drummer-turned-singer Max Splodge led this fiercely tasteless London joke which actually scored a couple of UK hits in 1980. The rest of the crew on the eponymous debut sports names like Miles Runt Flat and Pat Thetic Von Dale Chiptooth Noble. The record includes an order form for such delectables as “moulded bum logo badge” and is generally concerned with various bodily functions and scatological maladies (not to be confused with scat melodies!), with only the scantest trace of humor. Except for some clever song titles, this is utterly worthless tripe.

Splodge has stayed around the scene, joining the Angelic Upstarts (!) in the late ’80s while keeping the Splodgenessabounds concept alive. The supposedly live album — recorded by a quartet in front of an obviously fake throng of cheering thousands — has some mildly funny stuff (“I Fell in Love with a Female Plumber from Harlesden NW10”) amid the predictably inexcusable rubbish (“Michael Booth’s Talking Bum,” “Crabs,” etc.).

[Ira Robbins]

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