• Snuff
  • Snuffsaidbutgorblimeyguvstonemeifhedidntthrowawobblerchachachachachachachachachachachayouregoinghomeinacosmicambience (Sixth International/Rough Trade/Workers Playtime) 1990 

Taking its cue from such fellow Brits as the UK Subs and such US brethren as the Descendants, Snuff plays speedy raveups bursting with frenetic drumming and sing-songy choruses (“Some-How” and “Not Listening,” in particular, stand out) on its marvelously titled debut (generally referred to as Snuff Said). Uncluttered production and the band’s unbridled enthusiasm and complete lack of pretension (no “society sucks” songs here) do much to move Snuff way ahead in the hardcore sweepstakes. And dig the raucous cover of “Purple Haze,” which resourcefully appropriates guest vocals from Jimi himself. The CD adds six cuts to an already worthy collection.

[Doug Brod]