Slow Children

  • Slow Children
  • Slow Children (Ensign) 1981 
  • Mad About Town (Ensign) 1982 

Although originally a full-sized Los Angeles club band (which once included future Bangle Michael Steele), by the time of their two LPs, Slow Children had diminished to a duo: Pal Shazar (vocals) and Andrew Chinich (vocals/guitar). (The records were done with the aid of producers/players Jules Shear and Stephen Hague and others, such as Translator drummer David Scheff.)

Signed after relocating to England, Slow Children’s first album was available in the UK almost a year before a revised version appeared in America. Slow Children includes their dance semi-hit, “Spring in Fialta,” a heavy but skittish beat layered with anxious synth noises and Shazar’s dramatic vocals. The album isn’t otherwise much like that track, but one constant factor is intellectually bright lyrics that seem too good for the music.

Mad About Town has a strong second side, with energetic tunes supporting more smart words; the first side, however, is distinctly underwhelming, failing to anchor ideas with grabby musical settings. By and large, Slow Children’s records are more suited to reading than listening.

[Ira Robbins]