Silly Boys

  • Silly Boys
  • Silly Boys Want You! EP (Rockin' Horse) 1982 

On its one EP, the New Jersey trio plays smart-aleck power pop about such things as “High School Crush” and “Corner Telephone.” They have the sound down, but add little to distinguish it from others plying the same form. Tuneful but shallow. The group was later known as Pinstripes.

A couple of decades later, Silly Boy singer-guitarist Joey Graz(iano) released an ambitious and accomplished yacht rock solo album. In a variety of light styles, A Road Well Traveled abandons the band’s adolescent concerns for adult ruminations like “Dreaming of Jamaica,” “Could We Meet Again” and “My Blues Are Beginning to Show.” It ends, weirdly enough, with “The Landing,” a spacey instrumental extravaganza of the sort Joe Meek might once have fashioned on a couple of tape decks. All in all, a gentle pleasure.

[Ira Robbins]