• Shrink
  • Shrink EP (UK Oval/A&M) 1979 

Charlie Gillett, aside from being one of the most astute writers to chronicle rock’n’roll’s development, was also clever enough to first spot the talents of, among others, Lene Lovich and Holly Vincent. His own Oval label, however, also had this clod. Shrink’s prior single (written by the Secret, labelmates who also produced this EP) was okay glam-rock, but 20 minutes of his dull rock-cum-guitar-noise heroics alternating with quiet, studiously eccentric mush on this 10-inch disc is intolerable. Talk about studied weirdness — the cover photo shows his stage persona, a bizarrely clad character with half a head of hair and the rest of his noggin and face sprayed with metallic paint, toting a Flying V guitar. Keep the cover for a laugh and pitch the record.

[Jim Green]