Shakin’ Street

  • Shakin' Street
  • Vampire Rock (Fr. CBS) 1978 
  • Shakin' Street (Columbia) 1980 

Led by singer Fabienne Shine and her songwriting partner, guitarist Eric Lewy, Shakin’ Street emerged from obscurity in France thanks to American producer/manager Sandy Pearlman, who procured an international recording deal for the band. Vampire Rock, recorded in London but released only in France, is an impressive, raucous and wild rocker, with English lyrics that touch a number of bases, from sharp to silly. Shine’s accented singing, which at times recalls Grace Slick, is a powerful asset; the twin-guitar roar sounds almost uncontrollable.

Taken under Pearlman’s wing, the band recorded its second album in America, with ex-Dictator (and future metal star) Ross the Boss replacing one of the guitarists. Playing simple, direct hard-rock-cum-metal, the album offers little original, save for a strong song recut from Vampire Rock (“No Time to Lose”) and one truly great number, “Susie Wong,” which supports a haunting melody with subtly arranged electric/acoustic instrumentation.

[Ira Robbins]