• Repulsa
  • Repulsa (S.O.B.) 1994 

Take a wild guess… Merry flower-power pop? Ambient techno? Dancehall skatepunk? Merseybeat? Nope. A testament to honest billing, Repulsa is, in fact, a California rock singer with lusty loins and a major attitude problem. The hard-hitting songs on her Matthew King Kaufman-produced album (S.O.B. actually stands for Son Of Beserkley, a successor to Kaufman’s pioneering label, which first brought Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn and the Rubinoos to public attention) include such tender ministrations as “I Want You Dead,” “Sex Pig,” “F.T.W.” and “Fuck Yourself.” Truth be told, Repulsa’s bellowing is an entertaining version of venomous self-righteousness — Courtney Love by way of Susan Powter and Lydia Lunch — and the thrash-metal is well-played and clearly produced. If nothing else, Repulsa would make a reasonable stocking stuffer for the weasely maggot masochist who lives up the street.

[Terry Rompers]