Pork Dukes

  • Pork Dukes
  • Pork Dukes (UK Wood) 1978  (UK Butt) 1979 
  • Pig Out of Hell (UK Music Galore) 1981 

Whoever these four no-good English rotters masquerading behind pseudonyms (Vilos Styles, Germum Le Pig, etc.) were in real life, they were wise to hide their identities. Although the subsequent epidemic of vulgarity in commercially issued records now makes it seem thoroughly tame, the ’50s-schooled ’70s punk of the luridly pink-vinyl Pork Dukes was, at the time, quite offensive in its puerile sexism. (We’re talking songs like “Bend and Flush,” “Penicillin Princess” and “Big Tits” here … pretty standard sub-Hustler fare.) The inclusion of swastikas on the insert’s cartoon characters doesn’t improve the political correctness one iota.

[Ira Robbins]