• Nitecaps
  • Go to the Line (Sire) 1982 

Spearheaded by erstwhile Voidoid (known then as X-sessive) Jahn Xavier, the Nitecaps — a multi-racial quartet including New York Dolls roadie/bassist Peter Jordan — were sort of an American counterpart to Graham Parker’s Rumour. On Go to the Line, with the fab Uptown Horns and production by Langer and Winstanley, the babyfaced Xavier reveals himself to be not only a mean guitarist, but a throaty growler with a voice that crosses Joe Jackson and Otis Redding. R&B like this rarely sounds so strong or credible. The only misstep is a Zombies/Easybeats medley; the rest (originals, aside from one arcane oldie) is solid, foot-stompin’ fun. Nitecaps guitarist Al Maddy later joined the Dots.

In 1990, several Nitecaps resurfaced as Jahn Xavier and the Preachers.

[Jim Green]

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