• Necessaries
  • Big Sky (UK Sire) 1981 
  • Event Horizon (UK Sire) 1982 

The Necessaries’ two albums are almost the same; the original release was withdrawn, given a partial overhaul, a new title and a relaunch. Although the band was from New York, and included ex-Modern Lover bassist Ernie Brooks, both LPs are UK-only. (Chris Spedding was a member, but had split by the time of these recordings.)

The Necessaries’ high-power pop puts the best attributes of rock (crazed, distorted guitars, loud drums) to the service of melodious, intelligent songwriting. Like the early Motors or Records, the Necessaries start with catchy, solid tunes and then give ’em full electric treatment. Rough but sensitive, Big Sky/Event Horizon is an impressive outing from a criminally neglected band.

Brooks went on to play with numerous bands around New York; keyboardist Arthur Russell became a radically original new music cellist; singer/guitarist Ed Tomney wound up in Rage to Live; drummer Jesse Chamberlain (ex-Red Crayola) worked with Spedding and others.

[Ira Robbins]

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