Movement Ex

  • Movement Ex
  • Movement Ex (Columbia) 1990 

Armed with the myopic self-confidence of flaming youth and the unfamiliar language of a sectarian religious cult, Lord Mustafa Hasan Ma’d, the lyrical/rapping half of LA’s teenaged Movement Ex (DJ King Born Khaaliq provides the backing tracks, which are complex, heavy with effective samples and really exciting, if overloaded with high-pitched scratches), runs down the obscure look-what-you-made-us-do Five-Percent Nation of Islam perspective on a litany of serious subjects (global politics, guns, ecology, history, sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, etc.). The duo’s album sounds great — the fully modern Movement Ex is unquestionably talented — but the militant anti-white fingerpointing, conspiracy theories and other dubious assertions make it impossible not to choose up sides on intellectual, rather than artistic, grounds. Fascinating if not exactly fun, Movement Ex presents listeners with a grave political and cultural challenge.

[Ira Robbins]