Luc Van Acker

  • Luc Van Acker
  • Heart and Soul EP (Wax Trax!) 1986 
  • Luc Van Acker (Wax Trax!) 1986 

Belgium’s Van Acker (a member of both the Revolting Cocks and Mussolini Headkick, leader of the short-lived 3 Angry Poles, etc.) is one of the few members of the Chicago/Brussels industrial axis willing to display a gentle side. The cover of his first solo album (aka The Ship) shows him smoothly decked out like a character from Fassbinder’s Querelle, and the grooves inside match the image — suave, continental, but slightly off-kilter Eurodisco with a certain quaint regard for listenability. Contributors include Anna Domino and Blaine Reininger. The 12-inch EP is a compilation of two Belgian singles, including a remix of the album’s “Heart and Soul.”

[Glenn Kenny]

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