La Souris Déglinguée

  • La Souris DÉglinguÉe
  • La Souris Déglinguée (Fr. New Rose) 1981 
  • Une Cause ... Rallier EP (Fr. New Rose) 1982 
  • Aujourd'hui et Demain ... (Fr. Celluloid) 1983 
  • La Cité des Anges (Fr. Celluloid) 1984 
  • Eddy Jones (Fr. Celluloid) 1986 
  • Grand Voyage EP (Fr. Musidisc) 1988 
  • Quartier Libre (Fr. Musidisc) 1988 
  • International Raya Fan-Club Selection 79-84 (Fr. Celluloid) 1989 
  • Paris 23.05.89 (Fr. Musidisc) 1989 
  • Banzai (Fr. Musidisc) 1991 

Led by a Eurasian lyricist/guitarist, this long-running Parisian punk quartet sings in French about such topics as rebellion, racism and political freedom. A swell translation of American and English rock idioms, La Souris Déglinguée combines the best musical aspects of early Clash, New York Dolls, Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Stray Cats.

Aujourd’hui et Demain is even better, a surging dose of goodnatured but fiery rock’n’roll. Playing a more rounded collection of ’50s-and-’70s styles, Déglinguée alternates the Clashy punk with less-incendiary songs and even adds a few Gallic touches (oddly enough on the Germanic “Lili Marleen,” sung by a female guest). Except for the drummer (who seems a bit behind the beat), the band plays great, and the vocals are excitingly tough without ever getting harsh. Unlike the first record, these lyrics are less pointedly political, instead taking a fairly general up-with-youth stance, celebrating “Le Parti de la Jeunesse,” looking to a better future in the title track and preparing for the “Dernier Pogo … Paris.”

Although LSD (whose full name translates, more or less, as “The Collapsing Mouse”) was prolific and easily good enough to compete internationally, the group never became known outside of France.

[Ira Robbins]