Katell Keineg

  • Katell Keineg
  • Ô Seasons Ô Castles (Elektra) 1994  (Field Recording Co.) 2002 
  • Partisan EP (UK Elektra) 1994 
  • Jet (Elektra) 1997  (Field Recording Co.) 2002 
  • What's the Only Thing Worse Than the End of Time? EP (Field Recording Co.) 2002 
  • High July (UK Megaphone) 2004 
  • Various Artists
  • Straight Outta Ireland (Scotti Bros) 1992 

Welsh-born, Scottish-bred and resident in Ireland, singer-guitarist Katell Keineg somehow reflects each of those landing points (and a few American ones besides) in her hauntingly textured, wildly emotional music. She’s a singer-songwriter by trade — Ô Seasons Ô Castles has its share of relationship-disintegration songs, including the pelting “Franklin” and the more metaphysical “The Gulf of Araby” — but she’s also a bit of a musicologist, and her interest in Irish folksong and jazz-vocal phrasing give her Fred Maher-co-produced debut album surprising depth.

Keineg was signed to Elektra after two songs (“Hestia” and “Destiny’s Darling”) circulated on the Straight Outta Ireland compilation; she chose not to re-record those tracks for Ô Seasons Ô Castles.

[Tom Moon]