Kas Product

  • Kas Product
  • Try Out (Fr. RCA) 1982 
  • By Pass (Fr. RCA) 1983 

A synth-based duo from Nancy, France, KaS Product — Mona Soyoc (vocals/guitar) and Spatsz (electronics) — was very much in the Suicide/early Soft Cell mode, although that comparison is rather generous, quality-wise. Spatsz takes care of the musical details with derivate dispatch, while Soyoc — who lacks real vocal skills — sings unaccented English with self-important theatrical ambition on Try Out, whose highlight is the jazzy “No Shame.” (The crude “Never Come Back,” which rhymes “back” and “twat,” is the album’s easy low point.)

By Pass finds Soyoc adopting a cold, aloof persona that makes the album pretentious and overwrought. “Loony-Bin” is the one of the few numbers that stick, but the exaggerated vocals ruin it after a while. Former Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard played with this crew on a semi-regular basis, but it’s not easy to guess how he would have fit in.

[Ira Robbins / David Sheridan]