Judy Nylon and Crucial

  • Judy Nylon and Crucial
  • Pal Judy (UK On-U Sound) 1982  (ROIR) 1990 
  • Snatch
  • Snatch EP (UK Fetish) 1980 
  • Snatch (Pandemonium) 1983 

Abandoning New York for London, no-wave singer Judy Nylon teamed with Pat Palladin to form Snatch, ultimately making the German-inspired sound collage “R.A.F.” with Brian Eno, which appeared on the B-side of his “King’s Lead Hat” 45. The Snatch EP features Nylon and Palladin teaming up for a pseudo-Tom Waits blues drone called “Shopping for Clothes” and the softly electronic ballad, “Joey,” as well as “Red Army,” which imitates the technique and style of “R.A.F.” Clever and inventive, the work has gentle strength, bitter humor and a thoroughly jaundiced worldview.

Pal Judy, which she co-produced with Adrian Sherwood, grafts Snatch’s blues poetics and electronic compositional structures onto fairly straightforward rock music. The result — a moody, adeptly created and performed record suggestive of Patti Smith — smacks of modernized cocktail-lounge music (in the best tradition of that genre). Nylon’s originals are acrid and funny in their scope, but the record is stolen by her laconic, opiated rendition of “Jailhouse Rock.”

[Steven Grant]

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