Iron Prostate

  • Iron Prostate
  • Loud, Fast and Aging Rapidly (Skreamin' Skull/Skyclad) 1991 

Most rock bands would prefer to turn a blind eye to the subject of getting older, but Iron Prostate looks middle age in the face and laughs. Determined to grow up gracelessly, this band of (mostly) 40ish punk enthusiasts — including veteran rock critic Charles M. Young on bass — proudly displays its influences (Dead Boys, Ramones) on Loud, Fast, and Aging Rapidly. On songs like “Rock’n’Roll Nursing Home,” singer Scott Weiss (formerly of Ed Gein’s Car) envisions a rock obsessive’s waning years, barking out lyrics like “I’ve got my Ramones albums/And my blue-gray hair” while the band pumps out vintage class-of-’77 riffs. Fun songs (“Pumpkinhead”) and bad puns (“Hell Toupee”) abound on an album likely to appeal to punk junkies of all ages.

Though Iron Prostate seemed to have some even funnier songs for its followup (e.g., “Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia,” which was released as a single in ’92), the group dissolved in the midst of rancorous sessions with, of all people, Meat Loaf producer Jim Steinman. Guitarist George Tabb went on to form Furious George.

[Tom Sinclair]