I Love You

  • I Love You
  • Live EP (Medusa) 1989 
  • I Love You (Geffen) 1991 
  • All of Us (Geffen) 1994 

I Love You was an ill-fated LA blues-rock band with far more promise than luck. The quartet’s stoner vibe and stripped-down guitar riffage led to its post-Guns n’ Roses major-label deal just before the release of the indie Live, recorded at Raji’s in Hollywood. With numerous obvious nods to Eric Clapton and Cream — including a brazen cover of Cream’s “SWLABR” — the five songs offer little of creative note and serve only as a warm-up.

I Love You features the band’s ultimate (and best) lineup: singer Christopher Palmer, guitarist Jeff Nolan (who, in late 1995, joined Screaming Trees), bassist Mike Kossler and drummer Tom Sweet. The album bears an unexpected, often irritating metal hue — credit producer Geoff Workman — but has enough solid songwriting and boss fretwork to hold its own.

Produced by Chris Goss of Masters of Reality, All of Us reveals a cosmic side and improvisatory designs in psychedelic, jam-session-hatched tunes about smoking weed, spiritual awakening and loving your fellow man — all part of I Love You’s positive message. And just like Goss’ own band and the criminally neglected Kyuss, the record was a commercial flop. I Love You was subsequently dropped and broke up.

[Troy J. Augusto]