Howard Werth

  • Howard Werth
  • Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other (UK Metabop) 1982 

Werth’s checkered career has included singing in lovable British folk-pop deviants Audience, almost joining the Doors as Jim Morrison’s replacement and putting out a single on California indie punk label Dangerhouse, backed by local LA talent (including a Wall of Voodoo member-to-be).

Funnily enough, this solo album (Werth issued his prior solo LP in 1975) is no cash-in job; here’s a man who’s finally found the musical climate he’s been waiting for. There’s one side of goofy-but-smart originals, his mellifluous, elastic voice a joy to hear telling of an encounter with an astrology nut, the virtues of “Meek Power” and other items of like value. The other side offers oldies of variable obscurity chosen wisely from rock’s roots stockpile. The backing — by the likes of Billy Bremner, Carlene Carter and members of the Attractions — is impeccable, as is the shrewd production by Will Birch of the Records. Enough to turn the heads of fans of Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe et al.

[Jim Green]