• Hilary
  • Kinetic EP (Backstreet/MCA) 1983 

In partnership with producer Stephen Hague, the one- named Hilary (Blake) came up with a wacky disc o’ tunes. “Kinetic” takes a strong, happy synth-dance beat and then layers on a repetitive riff that’s exactly one note too short, making the entire five-minute escapade as distracting as a leaky faucet. Taking a different approach, “Drop Your Pants” is musically saner and equally catchy, but the lyrics offer virtually every coy (and not- so-coy) sexual metaphor imaginable in a (hopefully) tongue- in-cheek bit of libidinous silliness. The other side is less notable, but this 12-inch remains a bizarre and memorable one-off from a singular talent.

Hilary passed away in July 2007.

[Ira Robbins]