• Feederz
  • Jesus EP (Placebo) 1983 
  • Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? (Flaming Banker) 1984 

In the fine tradition of pre-grunge Northwest punk bands, Feederz made an art of being irritating and abrasive. Their lyrics are fairly offensive, their album cover has a piece of sandpaper on each side, and the insert offers such words of wisdom as “Don’t say ‘yes teacher’ — say Jam it bitch!” and “time to destroy.” But thanks to tuneful songs and a sense of humor, Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? works as often as not. The cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Have You Never Been Mellow” is beyond reproach, as it both trashes and exalts the song. But “Jesus Entering From the Rear,” an amalgam of surf and punk gross-outs, is raunch with a real purpose. Hardcore bands make this stuff seem a bit dated, but the Feederz — like Flipper — occupy that half-joke/half-art territory with old-fashioned punk dignity. The Jesus EP is a four-song 7-inch.

[John Leland]