False Prophets

  • False Prophets
  • False Prophets (Alternative Tentacles) 1986 
  • Implosion (Alternative Tentacles) 1987 

Don’t be thrown by the irreverent religious imagery on False Prophets: after they get through “Invokation” and “Seven Deadly Sins,” this punk-rocking New York five-piece trains its obviously educated intelligence on more traditional hardcore themes like war, authority, violence and rebellion. The Prophets mediate the punk onslaught with dynamics and tempos that don’t all run on overdrive, but there’s nothing remarkable about their debut.

Implosion, produced by living legend Giorgio Gomelsky, is light years better, breaking uncharted ground on three selections with the fourth-dimensional addition of a horn section led by James White. What a concept! Speedcore takes a back seat as False Prophets reveal their expansive and temperate rock imagination, testing varied rough waters with conviction and wild-eyed enthusiasm.

Drummer Patrick Blanck, who went on to play with the Undead, died in March 2001.

[Ira Robbins]