Ed Gein’s Car

  • Ed Gein's Car
  • Making Dick Dance (Ed Gein's Car) 1985 
  • You Light Up My Liver/Live at CBGB! (CBGB/Celluloid) 1987 

The lovable Ed Gein’s Car epitomizes the spirit of New York punk. Not hardcore or speed-thrash, just good ol’ greasy, gritty punk rock with a working class aesthetic. Despite a pronounced Misfits influence and the use of a gruesome serial killer’s name, the band’s lyrics shun the horror angle. Instead, the songs on Making Dick Dance focus on things like topical social problems (“Boo Fuckin’ Hoo,” about the Bernhard Goetz case), Ramonesian goofball humor (the nifty “Go Down on My Dog”) and crude songs about women (“A Girl Just Like You”). Good Clash-like harmonies and Scot Weiss’ rough, melodic lead vocals help put the tunes over.

Fittingly enough, the second album was recorded live at CBGB. While reprising most of Making Dick Dance, the program also includes a cool version of the Misfits’ “Last Caress,” two songs from the group’s 1985 7-inch debut and a healthy batch of newies, led by the anti-Live Aid anthem “We’re Not Your World.”

[Greg Fasolino]