• Earthling
  • Dance (Japan. King) 1981 

This Tokyo trio, led — believe it or not — by John (no last name) on vocals and guitar and Yoko (Fujiwara) on bass, toured both American coasts in 1981. Despite its title, the album is less influenced by current trends in terpsichore than by the group of performers that participated in the famous June 1, 1974 concert/LP — Kevin Ayers, John Cale and pre-ambient Eno — with a healthy dollop of Roxy Music thrown in as well. The third Earthling, Jin Haijima, plays keyboards and synths á la Eno; there’s even Andy Mackay-like sax on a couple of songs. Cale’s influence is felt in the prevalent droning intensity; John’s voice occasionally bears a striking resemblance to Ayers’. A strangely evocative combination.

[Dave Schulps]