• Devilhead
  • Your Ice Cream's Dirty (Loosegroove) 1994 
  • Pest Control (Loosegroove) 1996 

Since the music on Your Ice Cream’s Dirty — a witless meander through the backyards of various Seattlooza sounds (’70s Britrock, puerile comedy, a slack version of Rollins Band kick-out-the-thrashjams, stoner country, stoner jazz) — doesn’t offer an adequate explanation for this underachiever’s major-label-affiliated existence, a little background is in order. In the mid-’80s, Devilhead guitarist Kevin Wood was in the lame Malfunkshun with his younger brother Andrew, who went on to front Mother Love Bone and then OD in 1990, leaving two bandmates — one of whom co-owns Loosegroove with another Malfunkshun alumnus — to form Pearl Jam. Devilhead, which has no fixed lineup but calls Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound home, includes a third Wood, singer/guitarist Brian. Collectors of Seattle ephemera may be compelled, but nothing about Your Ice Cream’s Dirty otherwise merits a second glance.

[Ira Robbins]

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