Crawling Walls

  • Crawling Walls
  • Inner Limits [tape] (self-released) 1984 
  • 9-Song Demo [tape] (self-released) 1984 
  • Inner Limits (Voxx) 1985 

Albuquerque’s Crawling Walls took advantage of being far from the East and West Coast factions of the ’80s garage rock revivalist hordes and forged their own way through punky psychedelia while still staying faithful to the style’s tropes. Made up of songs originally found on a pair of cassette-only demos, Inner Limits exits the garage with popwise songwriting, keyboardist Bob Fountain’s nerdy vocals (and occasionally bursts of non-vintage synths) and ex-Philisteens (NM) guitarist Larry Otis’s bag of licks and tones unstuck from the ’60s. The peppy “Fly Tonight,” silly “The Brain That Wouldn’t Fry” and surprisingly dark “Falling Away” burn with caffeinated energy, while “Day Glow” and the title track dive into the acid pool with a wink. The Walls even get slightly political on the rocking “Tell Me Why,” even if they’re too good-natured to sound truly angry about having to live through the ’80s. With smiles outnumbering sneers and hooks overtaking attitude, Inner Limits is a promising debut that, sadly, was never followed up. 

[Michael Toland]