• Cavedogs
  • Joyrides for Shut-Ins (Enigma) 1990  (Capitol) 1991 
  • Tayter Country EP (Restless) 1990 

The Cavedogs know their psyche-power-pop and, on Joyrides for Shut-Ins, they turn up with multi-tracked Rickenbackers blazing. Producer Ed Stasium (and others who worked on the previously released singles included here) gives the trio a BIG sound; while quotes from summer-of-love sources (Move, Floyd, Beatles and Monkees to name but a few) abound you’ll also hear enough echoes of the Jam, dB’s, R.E.M. and the Smithereens to know the Boston-based trio has progressed past pure paisley. What it all adds up to is glorious power-pop with the emphasis squarely on power, though the three-part harmonies will please picky popsters no end. If the sheer energy and tunefulness aren’t enough, you can have fun deciphering the lyrics behind the guitars. Occasionally, you’ll be rewarded with gems like “We’re just three white rich kids bitchin’ ’bout the world/We think we got problems, but we ain’t got problems” (from “La La La”) that prove the Cavedogs know where it’s at in the here and now.

The Tayter Country EP features the blistering title track (a single that also appears on the LP) and three more, including a version of “What’s New Pussycat?” rife with power chords and feedback.

[Dave Schulps]