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  • Urban Beaches (MCA) 1986  (UK Red Coral) 2001 
  • No Shelter (Red Coral) 2004 

U2 signed this Dublin quartet to its label, Mother, so it’s hard to discern if the resemblance would have been diminished without that association. Their first single, “The Bridge,” is an atmospheric exaltation that found quick (albeit short-lived) success and was improved for Urban Beaches, on which it is the standout tune. Similar-sounding tracks fill whatever gaps existed between U2 and era-mates Big Country and the Alarm.

A second, more pop-oriented album was shelved after two singles failed to draw attention and was not released until much later. (Just for fun, play No Shelter‘s “Falling Sun” for that annoying collector who claims to own every rare U2 track.)

[Jay Pattyn]