• Atlantics
  • Big City Rock (ABC) 1979 
  • Ball and Pivot
  • Ball and Pivot EP (Z Club) 1983 

The only album by this talented Boston rock band with strong, melodic material and a slightly overdramatic vocalist was unfortunately issued on a label that was breathing its corporate last. Two standout songs — “When You’re Young” and “One Last Night” — suggest abundant power-pop promise, but weak production and a crucial lack of promotion kept the quintet a local phenom.

The Atlantics’ songwriters — guitarist Tom Hauck and bassist Bruce Wilkinson — returned a few years later fronting a synth-pop trio called Ball and Pivot. The EP, which echoes Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Red Noise, is pleasant enough, The most interesting track, however, is “Two O’Clock Jump,” which mixes the pair’s new sound with the Atlantics’ Yardbirds stylings.

[Ira Robbins / Dave Schulps]