• Anti-Pasti
  • Four Sore Points EP (UK Rondelet) 1980 
  • The Last Call ... (Shatter) 1981 
  • Caution in the Wind (UK Rondelet) 1982 
  • Anti-Pasti (UK Rondelet) 1983 

These five young Britons pound out loud and angry punk with a message — against war, nuclear testing, espionage, the army, Thatcher and suchlike. The playing is solid and straightforward; the songs may be simple, but at least they’re songs, not merely riffs. Lyrics, though rudimentary, are better than some of the competition’s.

The Last Call is too generic to merit any serious notice, but Caution in the Wind, which borrows liberally from the Clash’s early stylings, is a much better record. Three-dimensional arrangements expand on the band’s subtler assets without losing any power.

The eponymous third album is a compilation of singles.

[Ira Robbins]