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New PIL! Kind of...

New PIL! Kind of...
December 03, 2021 11:10AM

Listening now on Spotify. I have mixed feelings about this. For me, Metal Box is an album that's easy to admire but more difficult to enjoy. But I'm finding these new versions downright enjoyable. I like what he's done with these songs. I have listened to some of his other interpretations of PIL songs, primarily live, and dig those as well. Not sure this new album was really necessary, but it's sounding great so far.

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Re: New PIL! Kind of...
December 03, 2021 09:29PM
I've probably listened to "Metal Box" more than any other album. I've had it on every format short of 8-track, so wasn't sure if I wanted what I figured would redundant remakes of an album I've put on a pedestal. But I heard the new version of "Poptones" on the radio the other day, and Wobble def put a unique spin on it. I dug it, unlike the ghastly “Metal Box in Dub” tour he did with K Levene and a bad Lydon impersonator.

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Re: New PIL! Kind of...
December 04, 2021 12:53AM
The Metal Box in Dub live videos on YouTube are pretty dreadful, but they suggest greater potential. Considering that Lydon kicked Wobble out of the band for doing dub mixes of PiL songs on his solo albums, this is a terrific idea.
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